[COMPILATION OF TWEETS] 140802 2014 JYJ Membership Week – Japanese Fanmeeting



  • Junsu said after Dracula 1st performance he was in car heading home and suddenly Yuchun called him.
    Yuchun just asked Junsu to laugh into the phone and he’ll record it. Not knowing what for, Junsu laughed. Yuchun used this in his song ’30’!!
  • Jae’s Dear J = Angelina Jolie
    That’s a surprise to members and actually a shock to me! Members too thought J=Jae!! ( Me too! )
  • Jae was really quiet today, leaving the 2 members to talk on his behalf. He looks skinny but real cute in blonde!
  • Asked what each member treasure most or treat as a treasure, Yuchun drew a clock = time spent with fans, meeting everyone like this.
  • Yuchun, accidentally? hinted about year end meeting us again. Hopefully this means Japan concerts!
  • Yuchun said clubbing is NOT OK. A guy who feels he needs to call her just to hear her voice…

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