[NEWS] 140717 Kim Jaejoong – Lee Seojin – Lee Seunggi capture women viewers’ hearts with heart thumping fashion styles


Kim Jaejoong, Lee Seojin and Lee Seunggi’s heart thumping fashion styles are talk of the town along with their good looks and excellent acting.

Kim Jaejoong: Smart Suit Look + Soft Knit Look = Perfectly Cool City Guy

Kim Jaejoong, playing Jang Dongchul in MBC Drama Triangle, showed the “Third rated street thug look” in the beginning by mainly wearing bold print t-shirts. After he became successful, his style changed completely, and he was reborn as a dandy city guy. He wore printed shirt underneath a suit, the classic attire for men, to complete a unique look. And at times he wore soft knit sweaters, signature look of Kim Jaejoong that expresses his gentler side. Both styles mesmerized women viewers everywhere.

The various suits Kim Jaejoong introduced in each episode refuse to be ordinary: from suits tailored from patterned fabric to vivid colored ones. Especially, the charcoal colored suit matched with black shirt with accents he donned in episode 18 received praises for being a “smart styling” reflective of Kim Jaejoong’s superb style and fashion sense. MVIO’s classic charcoal suit matched with black shirt with bold printing looked formal yet whimsical.

The mustard colored sweater by MVIO he wore in episode 13 helped softening the character’s usual masculine, tough guy image, expressing his gentler and sensitive side. The chic paisley patterned pants matched with the soft mustard colored sweater were also eye-catching.


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